Into the world of 3d printing!

I always wanted to have a 3d printer, always desired to create something that would be tactile, that I could modify, paint, do stuff with…
And I never got it, due to not having $, not having space or having a cat that would most probably kill himself with printer’s extruder I always had a good reason not to buy one, I found few options though.

One of such options was local Fablab (fabrication laboratory?) – a community place where you could pay a monthly fee for an entrance and use tools available there to your heart’s desire. They had 3 printers there – custom made no one but its creator ever uses, Zortrax M200 and broken MakerBot 2.
First model I started with was a skull, a simple thing I made with Blender long ago, when I had more time, it ended up far from perfect, but good enough – you can admire how it was made in a gif below.


Having the skull I started printing – my first print failed, learned about broken MakerBot the hard way and lost 3 skulls.


Next prints done with the Zortrax went out nicely, printed 3 skulls and 3 half-skulls altogether.

So, what did I do with the skulls?
Two friends used them as a car-decoration dangling happily from car mirrors. Myself I slapped mine with hobby paints and made a cosplay prop (Inquisitorial Rosette from Warhammer 40k Universe) and… a fridge magnet 😀