VRChat avatar with non humanoid rig

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For some time, I have been playing with VRChat and despite not having a vr headset I had a blast – how you ask? – by mostly making own models and exporting them as avatars. For regular, humanoid models, everything is quite straight forward but limited compared to what you can do, which probably explains why 90% of players use humanoid, female, anime lolies 😊…

Recently friend approached me because he wanted a fish model to use like a sword with his character… okay, not asking, not judging, I made him the fish and thought it would be fun to make avatar out of it. Fish ended up surprisingly easy to make so decided to make a quick tutorial on how to make something similar, but instead of the fish decided to write a tutorial how to make avatar shaped like a separated human finger.

Tutorial should be simple so used Makehuman to generate a human body, exported it out to Blender where I removed everything except for a single finger. After that added armature and setup bones. Having done that created a single animation that will be repeated for all actions of our VRC avatar.

Next step was to import it all into the Unity, create custom Animator based on one provided by VRC SDK and export it all into the VRChat.

All sources required to develop your own avatars are available here (links to correct version at the time of writing):
In this short tutorial we will create a simple VRChat
avatar with non-humanoid rig using:
Blender:  https://www.blender.org/
Makehuman: http://www.makehuman.org/
Unity 5.6.3p1: https://unity3d.com/unity/qa/patch-releases/5.6.3p1
VRChat SDK: https://vrchat.net/login?from=sdk

And whole process documented on my Youtube channel: